Please note if you have not registered and are playing as a non registered user (Lord account) all data will be lost.  Data will not be lost if you are a registered user.

You can register your account by selecting the menu option from the main menu and then you will be sent an e-mail to confirm your account. In order to complete this process, you must authenticate the account by using the link provided in the e-mail.

If you delete the app without authenticating your account, your current progress in the game will be lost!  Unfortunately, there is no way to recover an account if it has not been authenticated.  


1. Delete Stronghold Kingdoms
2. Reinstall the App and select - 'I am an existing user'


1. With Stronghold Kingdoms installed
2. Select Settings
3. Apps
4. Stronghold Kingdoms
5. Storage
6. Clear Data
7. Start Stronghold Kingdoms and select - 'I am an existing user'