Issue - An error message is displayed showing the text  ‘E_Fail: An undetermined error occurred (-2147467259) and the game crashes.
This error appears on the PC version downloaded from -

Cause - The problem has been caused by Intel removing native support for DirectX 9 from some of their discrete and integrated GPUs (Xe graphics, Intel Arc).
You can read this issue in more detail here (non Firefly Studios page)  


You may try going to Device Manager, then Display Adapters, then right clicking on Intel Graphics and disabling.

If your computer/laptop has another graphic card, such as a Nvidia or AMD Card

To run Stronghold Kingdoms on your dedicated graphics card please follow these steps (use at your own discretion):

Step One: Use the Windows key + I to open up Settings.

Step Two: Click on “System” then "Display" then “Graphics settings” (Windows 10) or "Graphics "Windows 11).

Step Three: Click "Browse" and browse to the folder containing the "Stronghold Kingdoms.exe" application file. Select the "Stronghold Kingdoms.exe" file and click "Add".

NOTE: Default installation folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms

Step Four: Once added, find Stronghold Kingdoms in the list below and click “Options”

Step Five:  Select “High Performance” to use your dedicated graphic card (Nvidia, AMD, etc) when playing Stronghold Kingdoms.  Click "Save".

If your computer/laptop does not have another dedicated graphics card
We are currently investigating a long-term solution to this issue in the meantime download our alternative version of Stronghold Kingdoms, built in Unity, available in the Microsoft Store. To find this - Type Store into the Window Search bar. Search for ‘Stronghold Kingdoms’ and download. Click on Play Stronghold Kingdoms via the Store page. Login using your normal Stronghold login details.