If you have an offer code follow the following steps to redeem it.
New Players - Download the game at http://www.strongholdkingdoms.com/ and after installing the game, register for a Stronghold Kingdoms account.
1. Run Stronghold Kingdoms
2. Login using your email address and password
3. Click on ‘Account Details'
4. Scroll down to the section titled ‘Offer Codes'
5. Type your code into the ‘Redeem Code’ box and press enter
6. Log out and back in again to receive confirmation and a summary of the redeemed items
How to Find Your Items

You can find all redeemed card packs, premium tokens, and card points in-game by clicking on the ‘Show All Cards’ icon in the middle of the top panel.

Please Note: Codes can only be redeemed once. In some cases, the codes will be deactivated after a certain period of time.