The patches and updates are for our disk versions are available here (these patches are not compatible with Steam/GOG versions) -
Mini Games, Map Editor Guides and Modding Utilities are available. 

Patches (for Disk versions)

Stronghold Crusader HD
Stronghold HD
Space Colony
Stronghold 2
Stronghold Legends
CivCity Rome

Firefly Bonus Content

Stronghold 1 Excalibur Pack
Crusader Custom AI Castles
Stronghold Legends Bonus Pack
Stronghold Crusader Bonus AI Lords

Modding Utilities

Stronghold Crusader (Mod Tools)
Stronghold 2 (AI Editor)

Map Editor Guides

Stronghold Legends
CivCity Rome
Space Colony

Firefly Mini-Games

Castle Attack Legends - Mini Game for Stronghold Legends
Alien Horde - Mini Game for Space Colony
Castle Attack 2 - Mini Game for Stronghold 2
Super Castle Attack - Mini Game Stronghold
Crossow Commander - Mini Game for Stronghold Crusader