We sometimes receive requests from fans asking if they can use Firefly game assets to make their own projects.  These requests are always appreciated and we will consider all requests on a case by case basis.  It is, however, a grey area that is difficult for us (and other developers).


The main issue is that we have no control over the content within a fan made project.  A project could have content that goes against our values which then gets negatively associated with our games.  We could insist on final approval but that doesn't sit comfortably with us as creators and its just time we think would be better spent on our own games.  


If you do have a fan project that you want to talk to use about then please be aware of our guidelines...


  1. All projects requesting the use of Firefly game assets must be expressly given premission from Firefly Studios.  A full explanation of the project will be required including details on exactly how our game assets are going to be used within the project.
  2. Firefly game assets cannot be modified in any way, shape or form unless authorised by Firefly Studios.  
  3. Projects containing our assets cannot be monetised in any form.
  4. Permision is only granted for the specific project.  Subsequent projects will require further permissions.
  5. Private projects, such as school or university projects, are the most likely to be approved.
  6. Firefly can revoke permission at any time and for any reason we see fit.


Sorry for all the rules but we need to protect our games so that we can continue to make them.  Thanks to anyone that has ever thought of making a fan project, we really appreciate it.