To change the in-game language, right click on the game in your Steam Library and select Properties. Select the Languages tab, open the dropdown menu and select the desired language.

The language files will then download automatically.

GOG Version
Depending on the game, you will be able to change the language via an in-game options menu or via the GOG Galaxy client.

To change the language within GOG Galaxy, select the game from the games library and click on the Customization button  (next to Play). Select Manage Installation -> Configure... and select a language from the Language dropdown.

If the option is greyed out with the “Managed in-game only” message, then you can only change the language from the in-game menu.

You can also access the "Manage installation" option by simply right-clicking on the game in your library.

Please note:
Our games are sold in a number of regions around the world. Different regions offer different language configurations and not all languages may be available for you to choose from.

Please be aware of keystores offering discounts for game keys which only contain a limited selection of languages.

We only sell our game through Steam, GOG and selected digital and retail partners. It's very likely that the version being offered by the keystore is a version which has been restricted to specific languages. As a result this version will only contain text and audio files specific to those languages. If you purchased a game key from a keystore and it is missing languages that were listed on the keystore product page, please contact the keystore directly.