If you experience incorrect or missing graphics or a game mode is not working as it should, it could be caused by old files remaining in your install folder after an update.


When releasing new updates for Stronghold: Warlords we occaisionally delete old folders/files or move them to different locations to make the install more efficient.  We have seen instances though where Windows does not delete the old files which can cause conflicts in the game. 


This is a screenshot of the assets folder within the install folder as it should look if v1.11 is installed (The dlc files will only appear if you own the dlc):

Please check your installation folder matches the folder/file structure above.  If you have any extra folders/files please delete these and verify your install through Steam/GOG.  Alternatively delete the entire directory manually and reinstall the game from Steam/GOG.


NOTE: Using the uninstall option from within Steam/GOG may not remove the extra files so it is a good idea, in this scenario, to manually delete the files.